French Conversation Club

Welcome to our French Speaking Club!

Once a month, in a relaxed and informal setting, we run a conversation workshop for adults non-native French speakers learning French. You don’t need to be enrolled in our French courses to be part of our special workshops.

Over a drink and a little something sweet, join us to share your French experience, to talk and also to listen to the others which is as important as talking by yourself.

The Club plays an important social role : it is an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

Joining our French Conversation Club means:

Meeting new people

Speaking French more often

Maintaining your French level

Getting rid of a strong accent

Extending vocabulary

Improving fluidity

Understanding idioms

Taking confidence

Overcoming fear of speaking French

Speak French with confidence and fluency

With a maximum of 8 people, the French conversation Club is open for intermediate and advanced French learners who want to improve their confidence in speaking French, to practice and to perfect their speech fluency.

All of our meetings are themed. Each time, a different topic is chosen to foster discussions, debates, exchanges of ideas about current events, French culture and everyday life.

The workshop is facilitated by your full-qualified French as foreign language teacher, Mickaël, who will help you to speak real French faster and more easily. He is on hand to run the conversation, to push you into talking, to help with correcting, with answering your questions and advising you.

We still stick to our standard : French one and only language used.

Reservations are recommended.

Any suggestions are welcome!