French languages courses

Tailor-made French language courses

Because everyone has different specific needs or projects, we are delighted to offer a broad range of French training programs and tailor them for every profile.

With a maximum capacity of 4 learners, our small French language school prides itself of being able to adapt easily to your evolving needs. We can completly focused on your requirements and offer a personal French course, since you are either a single learner with a specific request and wish individual French lessons with your private tutor, or a participant of a mini-group or of a closed group whose members share commun learning objectives.

Choose the right French language course for you

To make your learning effective, first of all you have to decide which French course best suits your aims, your needs and your budget ?

Do you want to :

  • learn for your personal fulfilment ?
  • live an authentic cultural experience with meeting French local people ?
  • move to France and use French in your everyday life ?
  • kill two birds with one stone and reconcile learning and vacation with a lingusitic stay in South of France ?
  • prepare an exam in order to assess your French language skills, to apply for French nationality, or to enter a French university program ?
  • improve your French as you want to make easier your next holiday in a francophone country ?
  • open your career opportunities increasing your French fluency and confidence ?
  • develop your writing skills?

Once you have established what your learning goals are then, together, we will share the context of your request, pinpoint your requirements and objectives. We will assess your level in French, set goals to reach, develop a curriculum to suit exactly your linguistic wishes or these of your university or company.

A wide range of French courses for adults

  • General French

    Our General French language courses are designed for students who want to build and develop their communicative skills in everyday life. Each lesson has clear objectives that will help you to develop your communication skills in speaking, writing, reading and listening, and to improve your fluency and confidence.
  • French immersion

    Spice up your French learning experience with an immersion program. Add to your French courses, fun cultural excursions and activities to live like a local and discover the South of France. Your private teacher will be with you in and out the classroom. You will meet French people and practice in real situations.
  • Exams preparation courses

    Our Exam preparation course is targeted to helping you to achieve the best results possible in the DELF or DALF exam. It is designed to improve your fluency, to perfect the key language skills required for a high score, and to develop strategies to prepare you for the types of questions you can expect on exam day.
  • Student courses

    You are an international or a EU student. You need to update your French to succeed academically in a French University. Our French for Academic purposes program focuses on providing you mainly with the skills like research, expressing your ideas in discussion or making presentations, criticical analysis and writing.
  • Professional French

    Our business French language course is designed for professionals who want to develop their professional French skills in a commercial and international working context. The benefits to expect : communicate more fluently and confidently in the workplace ; make your resume stand out ; secure and develop your career.