Online French courses

Why do we offer online French lessons?

Our school has always favored face-to-face courses in order to strengthen the human bond, to share experiences, to maintain a sense of community, interactivity and conviviality as well as to promote immersion in French culture.

Given the current situation with Covid-19, we are adapting our teaching method and now offer lessons by videoconference.

Being confined does not mean giving up all activities and living as a hermit. New technologies, during this period, will be the tool that will allow us to maintain social ties at a distance.

Until we can really get together over coffee, let's be patient, stay at home and be connected to one another.

Distance French conversation classes

Learn French online

The Internet offers many resources to practice French. You can find many press articles, videos, learning platforms and applications online for working independently.

On the other hand, for your oral expression, it is necessary to meet French speakers and to speak regularly with them.

Our French language and culture school prepares you for this experience. To support you in your learning, we offer personalized French conversation lessons online.

Your teacher, through communication, will help you strengthen your grammatical and lexical knowledge, and will also explain your mistakes and encourage you to reach your goals. You will gain confidence, ease and fluidity.

This distance learning course is open to foreign adults, whatever their place of residence or their level (from beginners to advanced), for private lessons or group lessons.

How to take a training French course by internet or phone?

Simple, practical and efficient:

  • Interact from your home or office;
  • You don't have to be an IT pro. French courses are accessible via the internet without any download.

How it works:

  • connect to your computer, tablet or smartphone;
  • sit in a comfortable seat;
  • check the quality of your sound before the session;
  • start the session by following the link that we will have previously sent to you.

For efficiency reasons, we recommend the courses by videoconference rather than by telephone. Indeed, the webcam facilitates understanding and interaction: gestures and facial expressions speak louder than words. Telephone conversations are more difficult to understand.

Lenght of a French course online

We offer courses of 50 minutes.

Choose the number of sessions you would like per week.

We set up a planning and training program adapted to your needs.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.