Social & cultural activities

Learn French in context with social and cultural activities

In the afternoon, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we participate to workshops and talk about several life events in order to improve your vocabulary and, above all, your ease in expressing yourself orally.

Workshops are focus on your interests: for example, news, literary, film, board games, tasting or cooking workshops. While you take part to the workshops, you strengthen, in a natural way, your language skills.

French wine tasting

French wine tasting workshop

Naturellement Français is located in the heart of Languedoc, the world's largest vineyard with 40 000 hectares of land. This area, soothed by the hum of the cicadas, the strength of the wind, the heat of the sun, the subtle scents of the Mediterranean and the unspoilt country-side, lives at its wine pace of live for centuries.

I suggest you to meet passionate and responsible winemakers whose know-how has been passed from generation to generation and to treat your taste buds with a exceptional wines tasting.

French cooking workshop

French cooking workshop

You wish to discover some French traditional recipes secrets? The cooking workshop is an excellent opportunity to exchange about our traditions, our rituals, or cultural differences,  and to make delectable dishes with fresh local products. To savour as much as you like!

Kinesiology and Brain Gym exercises : Natural Health

Your movements define your life.

Learn to move, feel better and relieve your stress.

For those who want to take up Brain Gym, Violaine holds a workshop to observe and understand the effects of stress on your body. Making few simple and precise movements, you will be able to relax muscles, reduce tensions, and connect your mind and body.

To go further, to release emotional stress and traumitic memories, you can see Violaine for an individual session.

Painting and drawing workshop

Christopher Elliot, a native of New-England, graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (R.I.S.D.), opens his studio for a friendly and studious moment of drawing and painting. Whatever your level, he will accompany and guide you. You will develop and share your techniques and reveal your creative talents.

Don't forget to bring your material: drawing sheets, paintings, pencils, paints, charcoals, etc.

Press review

Press review in french

Debates and interactions on the basis of the press front page, videos, audio segments...

French board games workshop

French board games workshop

Coffe break meeting in French

Coffe break meeting in french

Pétanque workshop

Petanque workshop