French courses with accommodation in Southern France

Choose your accommodation that suits you best!

The choice of your accommodation is an important factor because your well-being is correlated with it.

Naturellement Français can help you to find the kind of accommodation which fits you the best.

  • Homestay

    Take a French course in the South of France and experience life in a welcoming French host family. That’s a fantastic way to improve quickly your French, to know more about French way of life, food and to kickstart your immersion in French culture. Homestays provide breakfast and dinner according to your choice.
  • Other accommodation options

    If you want privacy and independance after attending your French class, we have different accommodation options to suit your requirements. We will help you to find a great place to stay close to your French language school : a sweet apartment, luxury one with swimming pool, bed and breakfast, hotel, vacation rental.
french course and homestay
french class with homestay
french private class with accommodation
French immersion with homestay for improvment
Homestay for well-being during your French courses
french course and indepenent accommodation