French courses for professionals

Learning French can improve your carrer development

You are a company which has international collaborators ?
You are an expatriate worker in France, a foreign employee, a foreigner changing careers or seeking for a job ?

Understanding and mastering the usage of the French language is a very important issue for your career path. It determines :

  • Your success
  • Your integration within your team or trading partners
  • Your independence
  • Your job security
  • Your promotion and career development

French for professional purposes course

We help you to succeed and support you to strenghten and enhance your language skills in your profesional field.


Understand the French corporate culture, French companies operating, life in France
Acquire know-how, interpersonal skills and linguistic tools to understand and interact with your co-workers, your line management, your clients (hosting business visitors, phoning, speaking out in public, handling a meeting professionaly, asking appropriate questions...
Improve your writing (writing letters, reports, emails...)
Develop a now technical vocabulary related to your activity
Read and understand specialist articles, business correspondences and documents
Use new technoligies to communicate
Manage your timetable (make an appointment, prepare business trip, participate to a business lunch
Introduce your company and your activity
Resolve workplace conflict through discussion, coaching, mediation
Negociate and set out your arguments
Improve your job-seeking (respond to a recruitment ad, write your resume and cover letter, prepare and pass your interview...
Legal French
Medical French
Diplomatic, human rights and international relations French
Business French
Tourism and gastronomic French
Oenology French

You have to notice, that French for specific purposes (FOS) is a French language courses and not an academic course about the discipline choosen. You are the expert in the field you work in, we are experts in linguistic.