• Local public institutions of Aude

    Among our partners, we take benefit of the quality work of various public institutions from Aude and Occitanie. Their objectives are the promotion of nature tourism, well-being, viticulture and to protect the heritage and sustainably develop our area of Languedoc.
  • Restaurants in Fabrezan & around

    During your French linguistic stay in Aude, take time to discover nice restaurants in our village Fabrezan or around. That's a great moment to discover local tasty products and wine of Languedoc. Gastronomy, bistro's food, traditionnal south west food like cassoulet, well, it' a delight.
  • Environnemental organizations in Aude

    Visiting Occitanie while learning French means appreciate the diversity of landscapes and biodiversity. During our trips, we ensure to protect and safeguard natural environment. Thanks to environmental organisations, many activities are supported and natural and cultural heritage are promoted.
  • Professional tour guides for a French tour

    During your French linguistic stay we can be in touch with professional and knowlageable guides who will escort you to explain South of France’s history, cultural and landscapes.
  • Craftspeople from Aude

    During our excursions to discover the South of France, we will meet talentuous craftspeople at work and share with them in French to know more about their how-to-do. In a craftshop or gallery, you will find full of tempting made in France crafts: textiles, jewelry and pottery.
  • Producers & artisans from Aude

    During your excursion in French language, we can follow a foodie itinerary to discover the best of the French food though a tour in a market, a break in a bakery, a tasting in a wine or at an artisan cheese’s shop. Also master how to cook these local products and find out how to produce them.
  • Similar language schools around the world

    Here is a list of small and friendly language schools sharing the same concept as our French language and culture school : small class, combination of class and activities for an immersion in the target language culture, learning in real-life situation, meeting locals, experienced teachers, and tailor-made programs.