DELF and DALF preparation resources

Delf dalf resources

In this post, you will find links to quality websites offering free online materails or resources to prepare your DELF or your DALF, and also useful information. 

CIEP in its tab "tests and diplomas" gives for each level a lot of samples of tests in listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills.
The site deals with the followings diplomas : DELF tout public, DELF junior, DELF professional options, DELF Prim, DELF for school, DALF and TCF (Test de Connaissance du Français).

CIEP, thanks to its resource center (CRID), took an inventory of French publishers' books and internet websites which compile sample tests to help you to prepare your exam. Follow this link, it's a goldmine prepared by CIEP : Resources to prepare exam DELF DALF


CIEL Bretagne offers oral and writing exercises that you might find useful if you are preparing DILF or DELF. Have a look on their website !


Bonjour de France, the online magazine to learn French, gives you advice and suggests several exercises from level A1 to C1.


The French Institute of Milan gives you keys to succeed with tests and online activities on its page "Passe ton DELF!".


Download the DELF and DALF exam samples of DELF DALF Suisse and practice !


Yann Perrot's website, DELF-DALF detailed explanation for the different level of the exam. In the tab "sujets" you can access to DELF and DALF annals. You will find complete topics for each hability, correct version, evaluation grid, instructions and transcriptions.


Pearson FLE give you a link to a quote from Cécile Canon and Annette Maxime's book : Apprendre Toujours in order to help you to prepare your DELF A1. With their 7 revisions cards and audio, you will be able to work all the language skills. Likewise, enjoy Annette Maxime's book quote DLE B1, Le DELF pas à pas. It will be helpful to understand what examiner expects from you.



Work hard, everything will run smoothly !

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