French learning resources for self-studying

French Learning Resources

Internet is a great tool to access and to pick up a language. Practise and make better your French by reading newspaper articles, listening to the radio or podcasts, watching a video online... You can find content on almost any topic and access in the same time to the French culture.

If you struggle with pronunciation, some words or phrases, a grammar rule, here are interesting classified and selected websites which should be helpful :
- Free online French lessons ;
- French grammar explanations ;
- French dictionary ;
- Idioms and phrases dictionary ;
- French thesaurus ;
- French verbs conjugators ;
- Translators ;
- Phonetic and pronunciation ;
- Free French ebooks.



Free online French lessons


Simple french
Simple-French : it's free French lessons online for beginner and intermediate learners.


Podcast francais facile
Podcast français facile : there you can access to free quality learning resourses, with dialogues, writings and scripts, vocabulary, grammar, dictations, authentic documents...


About education
About Education  : Camille Chevalier-Karfis, French language expert is there to help you answer questions, to learn and to guide you with resources


Bonjour de France 
Bonjour de France : free educational online magazine with a range of tools and resources you will enjoy.



French by french
French by French : progress in French through many levels at your own pace : free lessons, useful information to speak properly French. 


French spanish online
French Spanish Online - FSO : Learn with Pascal who use your knowledge in English to improve your French. You will find on this website vocabulary cards classified by themes, grammar, Frenhc methods, pronunciation...

Rocket languages frenchRocket Languages produces online language learning courses to help you to speak and understand French faster.
Find free lessons with voice recognition, tips and tricks to be able to get conversational in French more effectively.

Anyfrench logoAny French : enjoy authentic French resources for free and improve your listening and oral skills with audio, transcriptions and quizzes to check your understanding.



Bbc languages french
BBC Languages French : offers free audio, video and text materials to learners around the world. BBC focuses on presenting authentic documents needed by French learners to progress in their studies. Unfortunatly, the site is not updated anymore, but you can still enjoy archiving pages.


Rfi savoirs
RFI savoirs : features resources and tools for understanding the world in French. They are organised by subject and theme. Ideal to train, learn or perfect French whatever your level of French. Non-French speakers will find the site easy to use thanks to the browser tools and the content presented in thirteen languages.


Francais facile
Français facile : free lessons, exercises, useful links, and a forum to share with French native or learners. Learning French is easy.

French learner
Learn French with French Learner. David offers hundreds of lessons covering French grammar, vocabulary and verbs. He also teaches French online.

Useful Apps to learn French from home

OptiLingo's Guided Immersion App is an effective and efficient way to learn and speak French from home thanks to lessons grounded in everyday speech.
Get free and useful tips to improve your French in Optilingo's blog.

Duolingo :  is a free language-learning platform that includes a language-learning website and app. It offers all its language courses free of charge.

French grammar


Cordial : Easy and free online grammar textbook.



Tex french grammar
Tex's French Grammar : La grammaire de l'absurde ! A pedagogical reference grammar that combines explanations with surreal dialogues and cartoon images. Génial !

French dictionary online


Dictionnaire Larousse :  General French dictionary and single language French dictionary. Definitions and articles to avoir French language traps. Antonyms, phrases, synoyms, and homonyms.


Reverso : Great tool to understand and increase your vacobulary : meaning, words origin, examples sentences with the word context.



Cordial : General French vocaabulary and common words used in scientific and technical fields. Synonyms and antonyms, examples of uses.


Le dictionnaire
Le Dictionnaire : Definitions, synonyms, grammar rules, translations, conjugation...




Lexilogos : Topic dictionary which groups together words related to common subject areas


Ikonet : Visual dictionary from 17 themes to learn the exact name of an object at a glance. Editions Quebec Amérique inc. 

Idioms and phrases dictionary


Expressio : Famous French phrases or idioms that you can access to with key words. Explanations about their origin, meaning and use.




French thesaurus


CRISCO : Thesaurus of Caen University.



Logo l2c2Logoisc
ISC et L2C2 : French thesayrus with mention of language register.




French verbs conjugators


Bescherelle : Complete conjugation with a clever search engine. Access to around 10 000 conjugation tables.


Larousse : All the tenses for all the French verbs.


L obs conjugaison
L'OBS : A trouble with a French verb ? Have a look in the conjugator, conjugation exercises or rules.



Collins : For students and profesionals using French and English every day : over 260 000 words, définitions, phrases and 230 000 traductions.


Reverso : Online translator with contextualization.


Word reference
Word Reference : Free online bilingual dictionary with a language forum to exchange about the language usage. It's the largest repository of knowledge and advice about the French language. 


Linguee : Multilingual dictionary with millions of translations to discover a culture.

Phonetic and pronunciation


Forvo :  One of the largest pronunciation guide in the world, the place where you will find millions of words pronounced in their original languages. Access to, and playback of, pronunciation sound clips in many different languages in an attempt to facilitate the learning of languages.


Acapela group
Acapela group : Let's talk !  This site vocalizes your content with authentic and original voices that express meaning and intent. Converts any text into an audio file by using the high-quality text-to-speech voices. Very natural !


Easy pronunciation
Easy pronunciation : Phonetique transcription (API).


Phonetique free
Phonétique Free : Free phonetic exercises.

Free french ebooks


The polyglot project
The Polygloy project : A library of foreign language content for you to work with.


VNI Vous Nous Ils : 140 copyright-free books  to discover French classic literature.


Feedbooks 1
Feedbooks : Thousands of books  in the public domain.

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