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Today, you will find in our article, some interesting internet links to improve your French from home.

With a bit of self-discipline, try to integrate into your lifestyle your favorite broadcasts, reports, programmes in French.
While you will be kept up to date with the latest news, you will enlarge your vocabulary, your grammar, and you will train your ears to French pronunciation, rythm, structure and intonations at the same time.



ArteTV or ArteRadio offers a large choice of resources in various fields with a summary for each article or video to help you to understand easily the context of the topic. Find a thematic you are passionate about, surf amongst the documents, choose and make yourself confotable in front of your screen and live French.



« L’espace apprendre » or « Apprendre avec… » from the Canal Académie is a cooperation between radio Canal Académie and CAVILAM-Alliance Française de Vichy in order to develop your French language and culture through various theme and talks by specialists.

You will also find other quality resources : audio with educational cards, transcript of the audio, vocabulary, oral comprehension questions, reflection on the subject.


News in slow french

 For beginner and intermediate levels : keep yourself updated on the latest news with an audio and its text on News in Slow French. You will also find many grammar flash cards and idioms.



With Radio France Internationale, in the tab Apprendre le français, you will espacially find the news in easy French with a transcript and an explanation about current events put in context. Journalists use easy words to help you. RFI also offers many exercises and resources.


Tv5 monde 

Keep up with international current events on TV5monde, the francophone channel.

The channel, from its broadcasts, offers free interactive activities to learn French.

In its tab « Langue française » or « Apprendre le français » you will find hundreds of exercices, for all the levels, to understand French language and culture better, to enrich your vocabulary, to test your grammar skills. A great tool at your disposal. Don't deprive yourself !


Radio france

Radio France, the number one French cultural company, is the metropolitan France's public service radio broadcaster. Follow France Inter, France Info, France Culture, France Bleu podcasts.


We will complete progressively or will add new articles to help you to learn French with media.

See you soon.

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